LinkedIn Orientation Session by JCI Edinburgh


25 February - 25 February 2020

Are you using LinkedIn to it’s full potential? JCI Edinburgh is delighted that Miles Duncan from LinkedIn Success Systems will be running an orientation session for us on the 25th February.

You find out the real value of using LinkedIn as a business development, marketing and visibility/branding tool. Miles will show selected illustrations of how you could be using LinkedIn to help deliver their objectives; complimenting existing business development and marketing activities on the ground.

The session will cover:

  • Misconceptions
  • Control; everything is under you control (most fail to realise this and let LinkedIn control them)
  • LinkedIn usage/immersion is set at the individuals pace (not LinkedIn’s)
  • LinkedIn’s UK database of 26m 700m worldwide); the opportunity
  • LinkedIn strategy and implementation; elements to consider (the LinkedIn flywheel attached)
  • The perfect LinkedIn profile
  • Profile optimisation; alignment with clients, intermediaries and prospects. SEO and searches.
  • Building sub databases within LinkedIn insulated from GDPR
  • Specific examples on;
  • The LinkedIn Flywheel
  • Client retention and communication
  • Introducer (referral) activities
  • Prospecting
  • Marketing/Company pages
  • Visibility & awareness
  • Peer group examples

The session will be free to JCI members and £5 for non members.

More info can be found on the JCI Edinburgh Facebook page.

About Miles Duncan
CEO & Founder LinkedIn Success Systems
Miles’s experience spans 30 years and has been built up in business development, marketing and digital roles, with a record of delivering profit and growth in corporates, professional services and SME’s.

This background has provided the perfect foundation to understanding how LinkedIn can be used as a very powerful business development and marketing tool, and how it should be integrated in daily activities.

Most people approach LinkedIn form a social media perspective and often miss its business development potential. If you engage with LinkedIn as a social media platform you will have little success. However, if you think it of a dynamic database of contacts, cloud based that you can cut and slice in many and different engaging ways, you will be well on your way to success.

Miles worked his way up through companies in many challenging sectors, learning how to work and thrive in challenging environments with no money, nurture relationships and be disciplined in applying processes and systems

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Start : 25 February, 6:00pm

End : 25 February, 8:00pm




Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce, 40 George Street, EH2 2LE Edinburgh

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