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Welcome to JCI Scotland

JCI (Junior Chamber International) is a global network of active young people from across the globe. JCI provides its members with training and leadership opportunities, networking, social events and projects in their local community, and the chance to develop themselves both professionally and personally.

Membership Benefits

Grow as a person

Invest in your personal development and build your career through regular training and workshops helping you to gain knowledge and experience.

Expand Your Circle

JCI opens up a whole new network of like-minded young professionals from a range of backgrounds. Make beneficial professional contacts and create lasting friendships.

Be Part of Something

Make an impact in your local community by running projects that tackle issues head-on and help create positive change.

Experience More

As part of a global organisation, JCI can offer exciting travel experiences to new places through international conferences and global events over six continents.

Upcoming Events

5 Questions to Make You a Better Public Speaker
July 21, 2020 7:30 pm
Online workshop

Public speaking is consistently rated as our worst fear – ahead of everything that can actually kill you! It is further estimated that 75% suffer from a degree of anxiety related to public speaking. The good news is… this can all change! Our trainer, Ilona Alcock, was the shy girl at the back of the […]

JCI Aberdeen
Masterclass in Surviving Online Interviews
July 22, 2020 7:00 pm
Online masterclass

JCI Aberdeen are proud to invite you to our next event, a Masterclass in Surviving Online Interviews! The world has changed in a blink of the eye. That means you have to change as well. Everything is about survival and coming out ready to navigate the new way of working. Companies are already jumping on […]

JCI Aberdeen
Inspiring entrepreneurship
July 29, 2020 7:00 pm
Online event

We’re excited to announce the next event in our series “JCI Edinburgh in conversation with…”: Inspiring entrepreneurship. Being an entrepreneur is challenging enough, imagine having your own business and setting up a social enterprise on the side all whilst working with an ethical ethos! Sophie is the female founder of Stuffs, social entrepreneur of PERF, […]

JCI Edinburgh
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Latest News

July 2020 – in the word of our local organisations
Photo of July 2020 – in the word of our local organisations

Earlier this month, we published a note from Steven Crawford, JCI Scotland President 2020. In his note, Steven looks back at the year so far, and urges us all to continue to challenge our status quo. However, the success of JCI Scotland is very much a team effort and so, it is only fair to […]

Speak With Confidence
Photo of Speak With Confidence

Do you fear standing up and speaking in a room of your peers? Hate the thought of having to articulate your point of view in a meeting? Is there a fear of dread about answering questions? JCI Scotland and the local organisations have set up a fortnightly program that will help with all of these […]

July 2020 – The Year So Far
Photo of July 2020 – The Year So Far

Challenge Your Status Quo – Now More Than Ever A note from Steven Crawford, JCI Scotland President 2020 2020. The year that unprecedented became the most used word. When Corona meant more than a beer that had a lime wedge squeezed into the neck of the bottle. And when we all realised that when a […]