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Not all heroes wear capes…some wear aprons! That’s the mantra at Scran Academy, a leading charity that has responded rapidly to combat the impacts of coronavirus. This grassroots organisation of 160 key workers is led by JCI Global Ambassador and 2013 global JCI TOYP Awards winner, John Loughton. As a previous JCI Scotland National Convention Speaker, John is a well known political activist and trainer, as well as Founder and CEO of Dare2Lead he set up Scran Academy 3 year ago.

We are very excited for John to join us in a session of JCI Edinburgh Conversations to hear more about how Scran Academy is making a great impact for thousands across Edinburgh during the COVID-19 pandemic. During the weeks of the lockdown Scran has grown its base of staff, mobilised a team of volunteers and donors, and led an impressive citywide strategic partnership across the city to meet the needs of those most at risk. To date they have served over 55,000 freshly made hot meals through over 12,000 deliveries to households.

John will take us through his journey and vision for Scran Academy, how Scran quickly moved into action when the COVID-19 lockdown happened in Scotland, and what we can all learn about leadership and social action.

John and his team have been very busy and attracting significant support, political backing and media attention, so we are delighted to secure this session. Join us to hear more about these local heroes and to get advice for anyone looking to make an impact and step into action in their community!

You can follow in advance on their socials @ScranAcademy and @JohnLoughton

When: June 23, 2020 8:00 pm
Host: JCI Edinburgh
Where: Zoom
Contact: JCI Edinburgh
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