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Work is changing and data is becoming more important in decision-making, understanding complexity and improving how businesses operate. One of the most important new skills to learn is how to use and understand data and data science is at the cutting edge of that.

If you want to learn more about the future of work, JCI Aberdeen is hosting a panel discussion around data science. We are asking fundamental questions of what it is, how you can gain these skills for your career, where to find employment and what it is like working as a data scientist from a recent graduate’s point of view.

We have four panel guests with their own unique insights into the topic:

Professor Eyad Elyan of Robert Gordon University – who is an expert in the field and teaches this subject at university level.

Martin Paver – One of the thought leaders in providing Data driven decisions on large project management.

Bethany Rodgers-Rintoul – Bethany started her career in Recruitment, specialising in the Data and Technology space in Scotland, before moving into Project Management. Within MBN Solutions, Bethany is the key figure for education-focused initiatives, working specifically within the MBN Academy as the organisation’s sole Project Manager. Bethany collaborates with the Data Lab to help the coordination of their MSc Placement programme. She also has close links to Codeclan, helping to develop the next generation of data professionals.

Ecaterina Vidrașcu – recent graduate of the data science program at RGU. Now working with a start-up improving Amazon Alexa.

When: March 16, 2021 7:00 pm
Host: JCI Aberdeen
Where: JCI Aberdeen
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