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Members past and present tell us of their experiences as a JCI Member

Erin Savage

How long were you a member of JCI Edinburgh and what positions have you held?

I joined JCI in 2005 and was a member for 12 years. I was secretary, membership director, PR & Communications Director, Senior Vice President and then President in 2013.

What was it that first interested you in joining JCI?

I had recently finished studying for a work-based qualification and was looking for something else to do apart from going to the gym! One of my friends had joined JCI and told me about all the different things she’d done which intrigued me. I then saw an advert for an open evening on my work intranet and plucked up the courage to go along.

What surprised you about being a member?

Initially I was really surprised about the range of different things available to get involved in – I threw myself into a lot of different things: Charlotte Square Club, Training and Development sessions as well as getting involved in projects and speaking at the Burns Supper.

How has JCI helped you in your personal development and your career?

JCI has massively helped me – the opportunities to develop my public speaking and debating skills at Charlotte Square Club have improved my confidence so much, making it easier for me to deliver presentations. I have been successful in achieving promotions as I’ve been able to draw upon experience gained from JCI leadership academies and other training opportunities. Demonstrating that I have taken my own time for my own personal development has also been helpful.

Tell is about your favourite memory during your time in JCI.

It’s really hard to pick just one! I think I would probably say the conferences. I’ve been really lucky to visit some great places with JCI. The year I was President, 2013, I was especially lucky as I got to visit Monte Carlo, Rio de Janeiro and Dublin all in the same year, as well as hosting National Conference in Edinburgh. I was lucky enough to attend a reception hosted by Prince Albert in Monte Carlo in as well as reach the finals of the world debating championships in Rio. Conferences are great for meeting up with old friends from previous conferences, seeing great keynote speakers, learning from great trainers as well as having a great time with friends and I have loads of great memories from conferences I attended.