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Do you fear standing up and speaking in a room of your peers? Hate the thought of having to articulate your point of view in a meeting? Is there a fear of dread about answering questions? JCI Scotland and the local organisations have set up a fortnightly program that will help with all of these fears with speaking in public.

Every fortnight, local organisations of JCI Scotland will take it in turns to host sessions on different topics focused around debating and public speaking, using experienced trainers. These sessions will allow you to learn new skills, and will give you a safe space to put them in to practice.

Public speaking

We don’t all have the natural ability to get up in front of our audience, but it is something we do on a far more regular basis than we realise. The topics covered will allow you to do this and more.


One element in most public speaking forms in working life is the ability to think quickly on your feet when asked a question. This is a skill you can learn through the art of debating. Through our debating training session, you will learn how to define motions, how to handle interruptions & points of information, and how to articulate your arguments in a meaningful way. All of these skills in debating are transferable into your working life.

To find out when the next event is, please look at our events page, or keep an eye out on our social media accounts.