JCI is an organisation that develops leaders for a changing world – a goal which can also benefit your organisation.

Do you employ engaged and enthusiastic young people aged 18–40 whose development you want to support on their path to leadership?

Are you looking for ways to unlock the potential of your employees while also making a difference to the local community?

Do you want to reach a wider network of people and increase the visibility of your business?

A corporate partnership with JCI Scotland will offer you all this and much more.
Collaboration is one of the cornerstones of JCI, and that is why JCI Scotland and our local organisations (JCI Aberdeen, JCI Edinburgh and JCI Glasgow) are always keen to hear from businesses who want to offer their employees new ways to network, grow, and make a difference.

The benefits of a Corporate Partnership with JCI Scotland:

• Access a wealth of personal and professional development opportunities for your team members.

• Network and increase the visibility of your organisation through our marketing channels.

• Create sustainable impact through community projects.

Benefits for your employees

As our Corporate Partner, your employees will have access to the full range of benefits that are included in all JCI memberships.

These include opportunities to:

• access world-class personal and professional development opportunities both locally and on a global level. This includes training in project management, presenting, personal branding, finance and risk management, debating and public speaking.

• request new training topics that are of particular interest to your employees.

• access the JCI Network – a global network founded in 1915 which now spans 5 000 communities across almost 120 countries, with 200 000 members.

• step into voluntary leadership roles within JCI, gaining the skills and experience required for future professional leadership roles.

• lead events or project initiatives and gain practical experience that can benefit their own work.

• share knowledge with other young professionals in similar fields and bring learning and best practice back into the workplace.

• improve their networking skills and expand their networks locally, nationally, and internationally.

We regularly organise both professional networking events and social gatherings, such as an annual JCI Scotland Conference, gala dinners, after-work drinks, and other activities. Our members also regularly travel to international conferences in Europe and further afield, building connections with attendees from all over the world. During the pandemic, we have been able to organise many of these events remotely, allowing our members to continue benefitting from their local, national, and global JCI communities and networks.

Benefits for the community

One of the key activities of JCI is running projects that give back to our communities. You and your employees will get opportunities to participate in or project manage events or initiatives at local, national, and even international levels. This will allow your team members to gain valuable skills or hone existing ones and to boost their performance at work.

We are particularly focused on offering members opportunities to be involved in projects that take them out of their comfort zone and make a difference to others through creating sustainable change. Working to benefit our local communities is one of the core elements of JCI.

If your organisation wants to promote its particular values, collaborating with JCI Scotland is an excellent way to make this happen as we can collaborate to promote joint initiatives and campaigns. We love to work with our partners on projects that are important to us both.

Through JCI, you will gain access to proactive, enthusiastic, and talented young leaders who are willing to think outside the box and develop effective, long-lasting, and sustainable projects and initiatives. By pooling our resources and strengths, we can work together to create, deliver, and monitor both small and large projects which can make a difference to a specific group of people, the environment, or something else that is important to your organisation.

We also like to partner with local charities to find specific ways we can support them. This can be, for example, through fundraising at our events, by sending people to work at the charity for a day, or by offering training that meets the charity’s needs.

Benefits for your organisation

As our partner we will help you raise awareness of your business or organisation via our various marketing channels. We will give regular updates about our partners and the work we do with them on our website and social media channels. We can also help you strengthen your international brand through the JCI Network, which will offer you access to a new global audience through online or in-person international events.

Another way we can help you raise awareness of your organisation is by offering you sponsorship opportunities for our events, activities, operations, and networks. Through the visibility that sponsoring one of our events offers, you can reach completely new audiences not only from within our membership circles, but also outside of them. Many of our major events are well-attended by long-standing former members and non-members with extensive networks of their own.

If you think your organisation and employees could benefit from a Corporate Partnership with JCI Scotland and want to know more, we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at president@jciscotland.org.uk