Aberdeen, 6th May 2023 — In a grand reunion, 38 esteemed Past Presidents of JCI Aberdeen gathered at The Royal Northern & University Club Aberdeen for the 67th Presidents’ Court Dinner. This annual event held to honour the Local Organisation’s rich history and legacy saw its past leaders come together on this special occasion, marking the 75th anniversary of its founding.

The highlight of the evening was the formal welcome for the current Local President, Isabel Simon, by the Court, followed by her address as the Guest of Honour. Embracing the theme of “Around the World,” Isabel took the audience on a figurative journey, drawing inspiration from her experiences in the Philippines, Thailand and Scotland, which have significantly influenced her life. Having risen from humble beginnings, Isabel’s heartfelt speech emphasised the cause closest to her heart: social mobility. She shared her ongoing work and personal journey within JCI, driven by her desire to empower young individuals from less privileged backgrounds and help them overcome the obstacles of social mobility.

The event was a testament to the enduring camaraderie among the Presidents’ Court members, who continue to show unwavering support for the organisation.

JCI Aberdeen expressed its gratitude to all the members of the Presidents’ Court for making the evening a beautiful and enjoyable affair. Special thanks were extended to Colin G. Taylor, Secretary to the Presidents’ Court, who has been diligently serving in his role for nearly three decades and also held the presidency in 1982. Elaine Cleary, Chairperson of the 67th Presidents’ Court Dinner and a former President in 2017 and 2018, was recognised for her invaluable contributions, as was Pamela Cradock, the 2008 President.

The organisers also extended their appreciation to the staff of The Royal Northern & University Club Aberdeen for their exceptional service, creating a delightful ambience for the evening. The sumptuous meal and warm hospitality added to the overall experience of the event, leaving the attendees with fond memories.

As the 67th Presidents’ Court Dinner concluded, the attendees bid each other farewell, eagerly anticipating the next gathering. The organisers announced that the 68th Presidents’ Court Dinner is scheduled for 11th May 2024, promising another memorable evening of camaraderie and celebration.

JCI Aberdeen continues to build on its remarkable legacy, inspiring future leaders and making a positive impact in the community.