Welcome to JCI Scotland

JCI (Junior Chamber International) is a global network of active young people from across the globe. JCI provides its members with training and leadership opportunities, networking, social events and projects in their local community.

JCI members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and sectors. From students to solicitors, entrepreneurs to engineers, our membership is open to anyone aged 18-40.

People join JCI for lots of different reasons but everyone is passionate about making a change to their lives and the lives of others.

Are you a young professional looking to develop leadership skills to help you further your career?

Are you looking to network and forge relationships with a group of likeminded individuals in your area and across the world?

Are you eager to make a lasting impact in your local community?

Do you want the opportunity to travel to exciting new places and meet people from all over the world?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, then JCI is for you!

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With around 5,000 local organisations in more than 100 nations, JCI forms a vibrant global community of nearly 200,000 young people. The collective action of all JCI local organisations forms a global grassroots movement, empowering members to run effective projects, exchange ideas and work together. JCI encourages young people to take responsibility for local issues and find targeted, sustainable solutions that benefit our communities and the world.

Scottish Board

Steven Crawford

JCI Scotland National President

Olivia Dunnett

JCI Scotland Immediate Past President

Katie Black

JCI Scotland Communications Director

Danielle Grieve

JCI Scotland Finance Director

Paul Stretton

JCI Scotland Strategy Director

Leeanne Bradley

JCI Scotland National Secretary

Judy Mariens

JCI Edinburgh Local President

James Reid

JCI Aberdeen Local President

Lizzie Ride

JCI Glasgow Co-Chair

Henry Acres

JCI Glasgow Co-Chair

Steven Crawford

Service Engineer

I joined JCI when I was running my own company. At the time I was looking for a network group to grow my business, but what I got was even better! JCI has provided me with excellent training courses, new skills that helped me run a business, and improved my confidence when speaking to clients. Best of all, I have met new friends both locally and globally. It really has changed my life!

Leeanne Bradley

Independent Financial Advisor

“I have been a member of JCI for 5 years and I keep renewing every year because of the amazing opportunities that JCI provides me with. The community work that we do is the very core of what this organisation is about. Being an Active Citizen to me is essential – if you see something wrong in the world then you can take action to fix this.  JCI gives you the tools to make an impact locally and globally and I don’t believe any other organisation provides these opportunities.”

Jasmin Kiebe

Business & Finance Professional

“I didn't know what to expect when I went to my first JCI international conference but going abroad, meeting lovely, like minded people from all over the world and constantly being pushed out of my comfort zone in a friendly environment has immensely boosted my self-confidence. Traveling to amazing locations across the globe, catching up with JCI friends and making new ones, exchanging experiences from other JCI chapters is simply a great experience all together."