Gin Lalli will talk about the science behind how the brain functions during anxiety, stress and depression. An accumulation of negative thoughts over time can mean that we feel overwhelmed and out of control.  Understanding the biological process that causes this enables us to manage these symptoms and feel better both mentally and physically.  

By using examples and metaphors, Gin gives you an accurate, straightforward explanation of brain function and how, by improving just one underestimated area of your life, you can empty your ‘stress bucket’.   

 About Gin Lalli

Gin began her career as an Optometrist and increasingly found that anxiety, stress and depression were having a huge impact on the health and wellbeing of her patients.  Gin has always been fascinated by how the brain works; why can some people cope with difficult circumstances and others find it more challenging?  In order to investigate and understand brain function, Gin began a journey to study neuroscience and psychology, which ultimately led to her becoming a qualified Solution Focused Psychotherapist.   

Gin helps people to regain control of their lives by explaining the science behind how the brain functions and by employing the latest evidence-based techniques of positive psychology and mindfulness.  

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When: May 7, 2020 8:00 pm
Host: JCI Edinburgh
Where: Zoom