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This event is for JCI Edinburgh members only as part of Edinburgh’s European Multi Twinning group.

In this event, JCI members will discuss the future of networking in a virtual panel discussion and Q&A with representatives of the EMT chapters. How might going digital be a success factor for JCI, even after COVID-19? The past few weeks and months have brought the life of networking as we knew it to a halt. It forced us to rethink the way we connect with friends, family and within JCI. It meant going digital. And while many of us followed the necessity to engage in this new format of networking, many feel that the digital way does not work and will never come even close to the real thing. While others feel that digital networking brings us closer and opens new networking possibilities.

So, let’s discuss and find out if digital networking does have positive effects for our JCI/EMT network. And if it has, how might we hold on to them, to take them into a post-COVID19 world and even turn them ino a future success factor for JCI, and especially for our great EMT network.

The panel:

Sarah Lammers, JCI Hasselt

Barbara Wittich, JCI Mannheim-Ludwigshafen

Steven Crawford, JCI Edinburgh

Huber Van Gastel, JCI Alphen

When: June 30, 2020 7:00 pm
Host: JCI Edinburgh
Where: Online - you must register to attend
Contact: Please contact JCI Edinburgh for more details.
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