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Members Past & Present tell us their experiences of being a JCI Member

Leeanne Bradley

How long have you been a member of JCI Edinburgh and what positions have you held?

Joined in December 2011 so 8 and a bit years. Started straight on the Local Board as Networking & Enterprise Director (2012), Senior Vice President & Membership Director (2013), JCI Edinburgh Local President (2014), Growth and Development/IPP (2015), EMT Project Director (2016/2017), JCI Scotland Secretary (current)

What was it that first interested you in joining JCI?

I joined to build my network of young professionals. I was attending various networking events but they were always full of stuffy, older men in suits!

What surprised you about being a member?

Using all the opportunities the organisation offers both locally, Nationally and Internationally. I only joined for networking but got involved in every aspect JCI offers. I didn’t expect to do any traveling and have been around the UK, Ireland, Montecarlo, Rio de Janerio, Sweden, Malta, Germany (twice), Iceland and Turkey! I didn’t even know about the work the local organisation does in the community and some of the projects I have been involved in have been the true highlight of my JCI ‘career’. So the thing I joined for ended up being last of my list as things I have got out of being a member.

How has JCI helped you in your personal development and in your career?

I am self employed and before JCI, I hadn’t been on any training courses for years so it really helped my personal development in learning transitional skills. Developing my leadership skills has been a great learning curve for me as I work alone and likely would have not developed this area for many years to come. The communication skills I have learned from public speaking and debating have been paramount and have definitely boosted my business.

Tell us about your favourite memory during your time in JCI?

So, so, so many it is hard to choose. My first ‘GAP’ party at the European Multi Twin in Reykjavik (which I unfortunately cannot divulge any further details 😉), being at a Beach party at 5am in Rio de Janiero, attending the European Leadership Academy in Sweden and Captaining the winning Debate team at World Congress in Leipzig are the first that spring to mind!