Dundee – 8th to 10th of April

JCI Scotland will host our 2022 national conference in Dundee, the sunniest city in Scotland!

Our theme for the weekend is Sustainable Leaders.

In the run up to and in the wake of COP 26, the eyes of the world are on Scotland. We are recognised leaders in many industries…but we shouldn’t stop there.

  • What more can be done?
  • How can we as Leaders be more sustainable?
  • How can being sustainable help us to be better Leaders?
  • What can we do to influence change?
  • What future innovations will we see and create in Scotland

Facts about Dundee:

  • Sunniest city in Scotland – Gets up to a 3rd more sunlight than other cities
  • Home of Beano and Dandy comics, where the world-famous Dennis the Menace and Desperate Dan come from
  • 4th largest city in Scotland with population of 148,280
  • Name made up of words with Celtic origins – Dun meaning ‘fort’ and dè, meaning ‘Fire’
  • James Chalmers, who invented the Adhesive Postage Stamps, was born in Dundee
  • Home to two world class universities
  • Famous for its Jute, Jam and Journalism!